Three Causes of Poverty In USA

Three Causes of Poverty In USA – What are the causes of poverty? Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that the poor people are just too lazy to find a job to support their lives. If jobs are the mere cause, then poverty should not be around or at least appeared in much lower percentage than today. What are other factors that cause poverty?

– Population Growth
There has been close relation between certain area and the rate of poverty and unemployment. In USA, such area also exists. Most of these cities are urban area. Based on statistic data in 2017, the population grows approximately 140 million since 1960 to 2017. Back in 1960s, the population in USA reached 180 million. In 2017, it explodes to 325 millions.
Unfortunately, the job vacancy from industrial sectors rapidly decreases in the late 1960. As the result, there are too many workers available with less and less job to offer. Especially in urban areas where population grows the most, poverty level is the highest. To make the matter worse, poverty is almost always followed by violence.

– Intelligence Level
Survival skill has a close link to intelligence level. In short, the smarter someone, the higher chance for him to stay out of poverty, or even losing a bet in an online betting game. To check this fact, one could refer to the intelligence test result in USA schools since 1900s until now. Despite of popular remark about biased test result, people still get the general picture of intelligent range.

Looking at the statistic result, there is a bell curve design. It could be seen that the “normal average” for USA standard is 85 to 115. Those who have IQ under 85 are suspected for having less skill needed to survive. If you convert the scale into number, there are approximately 50 million people in “under 85” category.

– Physical Limitation
Another barrier in education and job access is physical and mental limitation. Data from Department of Commerce and US Census Bureau shows that 10% of Americans suffer from certain level of disability. Some examples are back injuries, hearing impairment, mental disability, and many more.

For them, education and stable job are the luxury they cannot have. Thus, they rely on other family members and sometimes donation to survive the day.

When a discussion about poverty arises, people have different reaction about it. Some might say that the poverty caused by minimum job vacancies. To tell the truth, poverty is caused by deeper and longer roots such as population growth, intelligence level and many more.