The Charity Organization, One Step for Helping the Poor People in the USA

The Charity Organization, One Step for Helping the Poor People in the USA – As you probably know that poverty in the USA is a serious problem. There are a lot of people who suffer from poverty. Some of them are even homeless and not able to buy food. Therefore, in order to help the poor people, the charity organization is built. There is some charity organizations in the United States of America. Each of the organizations has its own focus. Well, some of them are concerned about the education of poor children. Meanwhile, some of them are concerned about finding a place for homeless people. Whatever the focus is, the charity organization has a purpose to help the poor people. If you have any interest to contribute to the charity organization, you can join them as the volunteer or donate some money, foods, or goods to the organization.

One of the charity organizations which is focusing on supporting the education of the poor people is I Have A Dream Foundation or IHDF. This foundation is focusing to support the children for getting a higher education. As a result, they can reach their dream. This foundation will support the education of the children until college and prepare them with the skill so that they can be independent people. The IHDF has several programs for the children from the poor families such as financial literacy and resources, career readiness, academic success, support networks, social and emotional life skills, health and wellness, and civic engagement. Those programs are supported by the IHDF components that include long-term, individualized, community focus, need-based, inclusive, mentorship, family engagement, and guaranteed tuition for the college students. If you want to contribute to this foundation, you can join by becoming a volunteer. There are several available positions of this foundation such as tutoring, mentoring, interning, fundraising, public relation, providing administrative service, technology, and your specialty. You can send your CV to them and do some selection process.

Another charity organization is United Way. This organization also focuses on education. In addition, they also focus on the income and health of poor people. The United Way is an organization with a long history. It has contributed to the poor people for about 125 years. This organization will help the children for poor families with financial support for their studies. They also give support to the poor people who are sick. In addition, to prepare independent people, they conduct some skill pieces of training so that people can get a job and live in a better way.