The Charity Organization for the Poor People in the USA

The Charity Organizatio for the Poor People in the USA – If you live or come to the USA, you may find some poor people who are homeless and have nothing to eat in some places. Well, the problem with poor people is a serious issue in the United States of America. In order to help poor people, there are several charity organizations that have a purpose to help and create better conditions for poor people. Those charity organizations have several different programs. Some of them are focusing on funding for the education of poor people. Meanwhile, some of them are focusing on fulfilling the primary needs of poor people. There is an organization who is focusing on the food supply for the poor people. However, all of them have some purpose to help poor people.

One of the charity organization that helps the homeless poor people is Family Promise. This charity organization has several programs for homeless people. Their programs can be divided into three main groups that are prevention, shelter, and organization. The prevention programs are including shelter diversion, rental assistance, and transportation. The shelter diversion will keep the family out of the shelter. Meanwhile, the rental assistance will help the poor people for renting a house. In this program, the Family Promise organization gets the help of HUMI. Meanwhile, the transportation programs will help the family to get gas cards, bus passes, and car donations so that they can go to their school or work. The shelter programs are including hospitality, case management, and community management. In these programs, the Family Promise will help the poor people to live in a temporary house and get engage with the community. Meanwhile, the stabilization programs are including housing, financial capability, and career pathway. Therefore, they are preparing the homeless people to be able to live independently.

The Charity Organization for the Poor People

Another charity organization is This charity organization is focusing on the distribution of food for poor people. The organization provides the program namely Emergency Food Assistance. This program will allow the poor people who are hungry can get their food for free. They just need to go to the food pantries that have cooperated with the The food pantries are located in some places such as Alabama, Alaska, California, Kansas, Kentucky, and other places. In addition, people also can contribute to charity activity by donating some foods in the official food pantry.