Marine Corps Toys for Tots – Toys for Less Fortunate Children

Often times, when there is a public holiday like Christmas, it brings needy families to their hardest conditions. If you are not able to provide better clothes and feed your family, getting a toy under the Christmas tree can’t be your priority. Fortunately, Marine Corps Reserve in the United States has set their charity program called Toys for Tots to help the children of the needy families getting their Christmas presents.

This charity program was firstly founded in 1991 by the US Marine Corps. It is an IRS foundation for the non profit charity. This organization is also being managed by a board of directors where all of them are the veteran Marines and also the successful businessmen across the nation. The headquarter of this organization is located in the Cooper Center, precisely outside the main gate of Marine Corps Base in Quantico. It is for about 35 miles from Washington DC.

Goals of Marine Corps Reserve
The main goal of this organization is to help the less fortunate children by giving free new toy gift to lighten up their Christmas and also to send the hope to all less fortunate children in America. In general, the mission of this organization is to collect the new unwrapped toys from the community and then distribute them to the needy families’ children at Christmas.

The mission of this organization is to help the US Marine Corps in offering the sign of hope to less fortunate children during Christmas holiday. This help includes raising the funds to provide local toys, offering leadership program about this organization, defraying the costs of executing annual campaigns, and so on. This organization has united the local communities members for three months every year during the annual collection of toys and also to distribute them.

There are two kinds of services offered by this organization, that is collection and toy distribution and also supports of local coordinators. In the collection and toy distribution, it is the process of getting and delivering toys to the local coordinators and provide supports and assistance to collect and distribute toys to the communities. In the supports of local coordinators, it involves the arrangement of creation, manufacture, publication, and also delivery of various support and promotional materials to the local coordinators of the program.

These are what you need to know about Toys for Tots program founded by the US Marine Corps. You can participate in this program by giving out the new unwrapped toys to help the less fortunate children in America to celebrate their Christmas.