Life Transformation of the Homeless Families through Family Promise

It is undeniable that in the United States, one of six children are exposed to poverty. It means that when being added by families with children who live in poverty, there is for about 35% of them who suffer from the homelessness. There are various organizations in America which fight against poverty and one of them is Family Promise.

The beginning of this organization started when Karen Olson was passing the homeless women during her way to a business meeting. She was then giving this homeless women a sandwich. While accepting the sandwich, the homeless women also asked Karen to hear her story. From the interaction, Karen found out that the homelessness could bring the deep feelings of the self-worth loss and also disconnection from the community. Soon after that, Karen and her sons started to deliver lunches to the homeless people in New York.

When Karen found out that the homelessness had also created several families in her community, she needed to do something about it. She then gathered the homeless people and also people who wanted to give help. They were able to provide housing, meals and shelter for the homeless people through the present community resources. The volunteers were also providing help through their skills, compassion and knowledge so that the homeless neighbors were able to find job, reconnect with their society and also to restore their self dignities. Then, the network had spread nationally.

In 2003, this organization decided to change their name into the existing name nowadays as they want to give promise to the homeless people for better life. This name also offers the promise, inherent and also potential in each family life.

The mission of this organization is to help the homeless people and less fortunate families to reach the sustainable independence throughout the response from the community. It is true that poverty can be a complex issue. It can’t be solved just with a simple solution. This problem needs such integrated approach to reach out more than just the immediate needs.

This organization has coordinated the local communities together to provide help to the homeless families so that they can regain their independence, their housing and also their dignity, Americans are considered to be such compassionate people. Lots of people are willing to help their neighbors if they know how to do so. Therefore, this organization gather all people together. They offer the framework to turn the compassion into real action.

Family Promise is the non profit organization that helps homeless people and less fortunate families in America. You can visit their homepage and donate if you want.