Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to the Impact of Covid

Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to Communities Affected by Covid – During a pandemic such as the Covid virus which has not ended until now. We certainly understand that this pandemic period is destroying some global finances even in the United States itself. There are so many families who are struggling to provide for their daily needs because of this virus. However, in America itself, several Muslim organizations are making the best and maximum steps to help some people who need help, even some people affected by this virus.

The Islamic Center of New York University has collaborated with Panny Appeal USA and Celebrate Mercy to ensure that vulnerable families in America can overcome the global crisis and even the economic crisis experienced by some of these affected communities. Since the Covid virus was first reported in America, there have been many people who have experienced this virus, even as many as 15000 people. In addition there are more than 100 deaths that have been reported almost every day.

The White House in America itself has announced an economic stimulus package that offers various paid sick leave. Even the American president himself said that his party would seek direct payments to taxpayers to be able to ease the burden on some people affected by the Corona virus.

However, this payment has not been approved by several parties. In fact, there are quite a lot of Americans who complain that their necessities of life are still lacking. there are a number of experts who do recommend that some people avoid crowds and even stock up on food supplies that are at home. However, to get groceries that they can stock at home, some people definitely need a lot of money, especially if this need is also used to pay rent bills and others.

Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to the Impact of Covid

With so many complaints, a group of Islamic organizations in this country raised more than 270000 US dollars. they have received more than 600 financial aids for people in America who really need help to pay for some of their daily needs. Every day, this organization is constantly raising funds to keep poverty at bay and some people are having a hard time, let alone buying some food.

Meanwhile, mosques and Islamic centers across America have several initiatives to help their communities in need. MakeSpace is a non-profit organization that has gathered several volunteers to provide groceries, help care for children and provide for other community needs.

This organization started to serve some community needs through guidance and also some spiritual services if there are some people in need. The purpose of this organization itself is that when a crisis breaks out, this organization understands that many people will be negatively affected. This organization also started several services to unite people to help each other and regardless of religion or race in this country.

There is one mosque that also drives some of their systems and plans to provide almost the same service, namely weekly meal bank services for several regions in America. The mosque also provides several drive thru services to protect the sick and elderly.

However, when several schools across the country have been closed since the pandemic began, activists say that the need for aid services will also continue to increase. The government in America has also offered various new steps to combat the impact of the economic crisis that is taking place in this country.