Is Poverty Getting Worse In USA?

Is Poverty Getting Worse In USA? Not long ago, USA government declares that their war against poverty is over. They claim that overall population live in better condition and nowhere near poverty line. While this statement being said, many parties raise their eyebrows. Data shows the exact opposite of those lines.
– High Debt
Among the poor, there is a group of 10% world poorest. Approximately 30 million Americans belong to this category. Many of them are trapped in never ending debt. These people have less than enough to cover their monthly rent, health insurance, and education fee. In short, they don’t have any way out other than borrowing money.

Since 2008, the number of debts rises 50% from the previous years, which is almost as rapid as the number growth of online gambling players. With this being said, the estimation of American families who have higher debt and low saving reached its peak number. This number is even higher than crisis year of 1962. This report is collected from various sources who lend money for lower income families.

– Stagnant Income
Some people try to calculate the amount of money needed for living an average life in USA. The estimation equals to $60.000 per year which can’t be covered. All these moneys could come from two adults with decent salary, at least $15 per hour. How many percent of total USA population belong to safe zone? They occupy 60% portion of the chart.

What is the main factor for this income case? It is probably the stagnant income from companies. Years ago, when the salary is $10, the total spending is also $10. Nowadays, people still get $10 while their groceries cost $13. Also, the rest 40% of population barely hang there and could only pay their bills after borrowing money.

– False Counting Measurement
Probably government only refer to paper report from related surveys on poverty. Unfortunately, they fail to spot several deceptions on the survey results. The definition of “being employed” should be having constant monthly payment and average eight working hours.

Sadly, those who have part-time job belong to “employed” category. The survey fails to get details such as the salary and the working hours. Believe it or not, many people work for more than 12 hours a day. They get paid $13 or less per hour.

To say that poverty has ended in USA is not easy. There are plenty of factors to consider, and of course, data must show similar pointers as well. When many independent sources reveal tons of counter data, then the project is not finished yet.