I Have A Dream Foundation for Less Fortunate Children

Have you ever heard about I Have A Dream foundation? This foundation has worked to help the children from low income family financially, emotionally and also academically for long term period. This foundation reaches children who are no later than three years old and works with them daily. They offer helps to these children to enter college and prepare them for their careers and also to assist them in achieving a civically and healthy engaged life.

Works of the Foundation
As mentioned previously, this foundation gives their main focus on the children of less fortunate family and works with them all the ways so that they can ensure these children have the chance to engage in higher education, accomplish their potential, and also to achieve their own dreams. This foundation empowers the children to graduate their education from college by providing them the sufficient knowledge and will also bring positive impact to their families and their next generations. The volunteers of this foundation tend to work with the children after the school hours, during the weekends and skills to be successful in their post-secondary schools as well as funding their tuition to get rid of the financial barriers.

By helping these children to get their access to the college, the foundation has put them on totally different life and academic situation which d also during the summer for more than 10 years and creates long-term relationships with the children and also their families. This foundation offers sociol-emotional and academic supports to the children, equips them with life skills and confidence that are needed to achieve their dreams.

Mission and Vision
The mission of this foundation is to empower the less fortunate children to be successful in their school, college as well as their careers through social, emotional, and academic supports starting from the elementary school level up to the college level along with the assistance on the post-secondary tuition.

The dream or vision of the foundation is to create a new world where all children have equal access to the education and also career opportunities that will be able to light their innate potentials. This foundation also provides the support networks for the children so that when they reach college, they can get the support for their future careers by having social access to the resources like potential employers or mentors.

These are all about I Have A Dream Foundation in the United States that has the dream to help less fortunate children pursuing their dreams through better education and career opportunities.