How to Help People in Poverty and Homelessness with Daily Habits

Though the US is one of the most notable developed countries, poverty and homelessness is still a huge issue in it. However, these matters are not for the government to handle alone – citizens can also help people in need by doing several simple steps:

Use Public Transportations
Public transportations are cheap, convenient, and ecologically friendly compared to individual vehicles. But using them doesn’t just benefit us, it also benefits the poor. After all, public transportations like busses are their only means to move around (besides walking). Unfortunately, the government may discontinue them if not many people use them, so using public transportation helps especially if you are living in a rural area.

Pick Local Businesses Instead of Chains
Local businesses, especially small ones, are usually run by people who need money (at least more than chain stores.) By using their services, you are improving the local economic situations, especially when it is done by daily basis. Plus, if the business became successful, it will grow and create more job opportunities, especially for the poor.

Donate Some Time or Money
The most direct habit we can do to improve the lives of those in poverty and homelessness is by donating, after all. If donating on one go is difficult, try to save little changes in a jar and donate them when the jar is full to sites like Gospel Rescue Missions or specific organizations like Department of Veteran Affairs.

If money is an issue, then volunteering will be a great alternative. Organizations like Feeding America has weekend volunteer programs, perfect for those who are not up for a long commitment.
We may be lucky not to live in poverty and homelessness, but that doesn’t mean we can do nothing about them. Both poverty and homelessness are national issues that should be borne by every citizen in the US. Let’s help the poor, even in the simplest ways!