How Selective Career Let Us Help People in Need

Career path is indeed something that should be thought seriously. However, you may want to think about it more seriously, especially since some career path can create impacts for people, especially those in need.
• Social and Community Service Field
Many social and community service organizations need a permanent worker. Though this type of organization is more popular in hiring volunteers, there are jobs that must be done by permanent workers, such as managing and making budgets.

Social and community service organizations are usually non-profit and help people according to certain demographics. For example, there are child and family services like CFSNH. Career opportunities they offer based on the day to day operations are manager and staffs.

• Entrepreneur
If you don’t like to work under an organization, then creating your own business may be a better choice. After all, being an entrepreneur means you have the liberty to set your own pace and turns of the businesses. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to open job opportunities for those in poverty and homelessness, directly impacting and leading them to a better economic situation.

If that’s not enough, it’s also possible to enlist your business to regular donations to organizations such as Feeding America or GlobalGiving. That way, the money earned by the business will also go to other people in need. In fact, if you are a regular donator, you may be able to affiliate your business to the organization, making it an official supporter.

These career choices may not be the first things that popped into your mind, but they certainly are worth the thought. By doing them, not only you can feed yourself and your family, but you can also help those living in poverty and homelessness. If they take too much commitment, however, there’s nothing wrong in volunteering to test the waters first.