Help Your Family with One Family Scholars Program

In poverty and homelessness, it’s hard to just rely on food stamps and part-time jobs. After all, the circumstances may not be ideal for them to provide your family financially. As the head of the family, there are ways to ease the financial burden of your family through scholarships such as One Family Scholars.

1. What’s One Family Scholars Program?
One Family Scholars is a scholarship program that helps individuals from poverty and homelessness to gain higher education based in Massachusetts. It is limited to Massachusetts and single parents with incomes lower than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

2. How Do They Help?
It is a scholarship program, so One Family Scholars help one family at a time by giving out scholarships. They open education opportunities in hope that better education will build a bridge for better job opportunities. Then, with those job opportunities, the person will be able to get high-paying jobs, enough to sustain their family’s wellbeing. There will also coach involving five aspects, such as college success, career success, personal finance, leadership development, and life skills.

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3. How Can We Register for The Program?
Firstly, you should meet the requirements:
-You must be a single parent with dependent children below the age of 18.
-Your income must be 200% below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
-You must be a permanent citizen of Massachusetts and US or Resident Alien.
-You must be entering or returning student in a university in Massachusetts approved by One Family Scholars

4. Lastly, you must have a definite plan to use your future degree in order to gain a family-sustaining job
If you meet these requirements, you can fill an online form in along with several documents when the registration period is open.
Though the impact is not instant, education is important to create better career opportunities. That way, children of poor families can free their family members from the tuition. Hopefully, with a degree earned, you will be able to land on a family-sustaining job.