Help Needy Families in America through Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is the network of Christian churches as well as volunteers all over America that work to fight against homelessness especially within the single mothers. The people who need help will be assisted by one case manager and also six up to ten Christian volunteers within the neighborhood. The volunteers will become their families who provide encouragement and emotional supports. The case manager will provide the money management training and also find the housing.

– Organization Overview
The Christian faith communities have great chance and role in overcoming the crisis of homelessness in America nowadays. This organization as the network of the Christian churches and Christian volunteers have tried to train and equip the local Christian communities such as house churches, Bible study groups and so on to give their assistance to the homelessness in tangible, practical, and also neighboring ways.

This neighborhood supports offered by this organization consists of three-way cooperation among the following parties:

– Families Who Face Homelessness
The main focus of this organization is on women and their children who face the homelessness. The family along with the volunteers and the case manager support each other to reach the goals of achieving sustainable and safe housing, creating resilient and strong families, and also building supportive relationships with the neighboring volunteers.

– The Neighboring Volunteers
The volunteers of this organization are mainly from the Christian faith community like small group, Bible study, church, and many more who want to help their neighbors in needs. From these volunteers, six up to ten people will be assigned to the families in needs in their community. These volunteers will firstly receive a training from the organization. In general, the volunteers need to do a life along with the homeless families and provide emotional and tangible support as well as encouragement since they are engaged with their life and faith.

– The Case Manager
This case manager is also often called as the neighborhood resource specialist. This manager is a professional social worker who helps the homeless families through offering the intensive training, case management and support. The support includes the finding of the immediate housing, giving a training on the money management, and also providing the rental supports. This manager also equips and encourages both neighboring volunteers and homeless families to build supportive and healthy relationships.

Of course, with the cooperation among these three elements, the goal of the organization can be achieved. If you want to become the volunteers of Bridge of Hope, you can visit official website and register yourself.