Habitat for Humanity for Needy Families

Based on the data that was collected in 2007, it is revealed that for about 12.5 percent of Americans live in poverty. Due to this situation, lots of organizations have been founded in America to help people in needs. In general, most organizations have operated within a national level. One of the organizations for needy families is Habitat for Humanity.

About the Organization
This organization was firstly founded in 1976 and the aim of this organization is to provide affordable and decent housing for the people in needs. Soon after its firstly founded, this organization has been able to help more than 1.5 million people. It is a global nonprofit housing organization that work in local communities in 70 countries and 50 states in America. Habitat homeowners help people to build their houses with the volunteers and also pay the affordable mortgage.

It is true that everyday lots of families have struggled with the need to have decent roof for their lives. Most of them have been caught in the unpredictable increases of house rents, overcrowded situations, or even the limited access to affordable financing and land. Of course, these problems may create fear, stress and also uncertainty.

Little Help
Habitat knows well that decent, safe and also affordable housing becomes the main factor in helping the needy families in America to start their new life cycles with progress and possibilities. The outcomes of this help can be life changing and also long lasting. Habitat homeowners are able to reach their self reliance and strength back to create better lives for their families and themselves. They have been empowered to overcome the struggles in their families.

There have been some studies on the relation between housing quality and the children well being. From the surveys, it is revealed that Habitat homeowners have shown significant improvements on the financial conditions, better school grades, as well as the confidence of parents that they are able to meet their family needs. It is proven that stable and strong homes are able to help building the stable and strong communities. It is true that decent shelter can offer such solid foundation for the families. Each Habitat house has been able to change lives.

This is why Habitat for Humanity has its goal to help needy families with stable and strong shelters for their better lives. Since it is an international organization, it also offers volunteer opportunities through all over the world.