Contributing to the Poverty Issue by Joining the Charity Organization in the USA

Nowadays, there are many people who still live in poverty in the United States of America. You may find a lot of people are homeless, starving, and quitting from the schools. In order to support the poor people about their primary needs, home, health, education, and income, there are some charity organizations in the USA. The organizations have different focuses from one to each other. However, they also can cooperate to provide the best programs for helping poor people. If you want to contribute to help in the poverty issue, you can join one of the charity organizations.

If you want to join the charity organization that focuses on the health of the poor people, you can join the Americares Foundation. This foundation is focusing on supporting the health of the people who suffer poverty, disaster, or any kind of serious problem. The foundation will support medicine, health programs and medical supplies. This foundation has experience about helping poor people for about more than 40 years. The Americares Foundation also has some cooperation with other organizations, local and international organizations, to serve the emergency programs, clinical and medical services. The people can contribute to help the poor people by donating to this foundation. The medical staff also can contribute as the volunteer. Another charity organization in the health field is the Direct Relief Organization. It has been active in 50 states and 80 countries. The purpose of this organization is to help the poor people who suffer poverty for increasing their health quality and support the poor people during the emergency time. Since it is a charity organization, it has nothing to do with politics, races, ethnicities, or religious issues. Their purpose is simply to contribute to the humanity. The Direct Relief Organization has some programs such as treating the maternal and child health, serving the emergency case, and improving the health of poor people in the high-risk population.

You can also join the Lutheran Services in America. It is one of the biggest organization which serve health care in the country. Lutheran Services provides various service care to poor people. In addition, this organization also reach poor people from any area of the country. It doesn’t matter whether the poor people live in an urban or rural area, the volunteer of LSA will serve the poor people. This organization also reach people from any groups such as homeless, disability people, veteran, children, refugees, poor families, and others.