Concrete Ways to End Poverty In USA

Concrete Ways to End Poverty In USA

Concrete Ways to End Poverty In USA – High level authority might have tons of discussion about poverty. Without any action, the poverty is still there. Due to the complicated rules and conditions, the help might not be delivered on time. Therefore, some first steps must be taken immediately.

– Saving Children
In the cycle of poverty, children get the worst impact of all. Not only they lose their education, they also get affected emotionally the way you feel when you lose big in an online betting. Surrounded by poor community and less-encouraging environment breaks their spirit to do better in the future. These children get a doctrine about having similar future to their parents. As the result, only 16% of them could move out and get better live.

To help these children, it is suggested to move them to neighbour city with better education and job access for better experience. This step should be done to elementary school students. Once they grow a little bit older, it will be harder to adapt to new environment and change their attitude. When this happens, these children lose their opportunity to get good degree and job.

– Campaigning About Shared Prosperity
Years ago, the government introduces a program to support mobilization in high poverty area. The aim is giving these families better chance. They are promised better job opportunity and lives. Sadly, this program doesn’t get positive reaction. Then the target is changed to families with children. Government hoped to provide these future generation proper housing and good environment.

What is missing in this program? Moving to suburban areas is clearly better option than staying in poor community. Why are people reluctant to agree? Probably one of the answers is general impression of poverty. People often have their own opinion and prejudice about poverty and why people could fall into this circle.

Many of these opinions have no fact base, yet no one points them out. As the result, the social gap between the rich and the poor socially is getting wider. Government could make a campaign to raise awareness about poverty by interviewing the poor. Just like other issues, people might give their supports after learning about the truth. Government could try this idea and expect good outcome.

Poverty affects not only adults but also children. Instead of focusing only on the grown up, people should help the kids as well. When they have better chance, the next generation will lead proper live. Also, people should break the common misconception about poverty. Only then, poverty might be able to end.

Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to the Impact of Covid
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Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to the Impact of Covid

Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to Communities Affected by Covid – During a pandemic such as the Covid virus which has not ended until now. We certainly understand that this pandemic period is destroying some global finances even in the United States itself. There are so many families who are struggling to provide for their daily needs because of this virus. However, in America itself, several Muslim organizations are making the best and maximum steps to help some people who need help, even some people affected by this virus. The Islamic Center of New York University has collaborated with Panny Appeal USA and Celebrate Mercy to ensure that vulnerable families in America can overcome the global crisis and even the economic crisis experienced by some of these affected communities. Since the Covid virus was first reported in America, there have been many people who have experienced this virus, even as many as 15000 people. In addition there are more than 100 deaths that have been reported almost every day. The White House in America itself has announced an economic stimulus package that offers various paid sick leave. Even the American president himself said that his party would seek direct payments to taxpayers to be able to ease the burden on some people affected by the Corona virus. However, this payment has not been approved by several parties. In fact, there are quite a lot of Americans who complain that their necessities of life are still lacking. there are a number of experts who do recommend that some people avoid crowds and even stock up on food supplies that are at home. However, to get groceries that they can stock at home, some people definitely need a lot of money, especially if this need is also used to pay rent bills and others. Islamic Organizations in the USA That Pay Attention to the Impact of Covid With so many complaints, a group of Islamic organizations in this country raised more than 270000 US dollars. they have received more than 600 financial aids for people in America who really need help to pay for some of their daily needs. Every day, this organization is constantly raising funds to keep poverty at bay and some people are having a hard time, let alone buying some food. Meanwhile, mosques and Islamic centers across America have several initiatives to help their communities in need. MakeSpace is a non-profit organization that has gathered several volunteers to provide groceries, help care for children and provide for other community needs. This organization started to serve some community needs through guidance and also some spiritual services if there are some people in need. The purpose of this organization itself is that when a crisis breaks out, this organization understands that many people will be negatively affected. This organization also started several services to unite people to help each other and regardless of religion or race in this country. There is one mosque that also drives some of their systems and plans to provide almost the same service, namely weekly meal bank services for several regions in America. The mosque also provides several drive thru services to protect the sick and elderly. However, when several schools across the country have been closed since the pandemic began, activists say that the need for aid services will also continue to increase. The government in America has also offered various new steps to combat the impact of the economic crisis that is taking place in this country.
USA Organizations Provide Aid for Communities Affected by Covid-19
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USA Organizations Provide Aid for Communities Affected by Covid-19

The government in the United States has now begun to move to spread many economic stimulus packages to overcome the various impacts of the pandemic on Covid-19 cases. There is one organization or government agency in the United States that will help to take care of various things, be it taxes, and even be appointed as one of the implementers who will distribute cash assistance later.

Currently, this agency has rolled out various stimulus checks from various rounds to complete the payments that will be devoted to the public and other Americans. Nonetheless, there are many MPs who have pushed for a fourth examination.

This financing and funding will indeed provide funds of around 20 million per individual. This will help so many families to lighten the various existing bills. Moreover, some special rentals and also some needed food ingredients. Most people in America cannot cover all household expenses, especially during a pandemic like today. In fact, there are still about 18 million per month in America who experience hunger even every month.

There was so much impact on the Indonesian economy due to the pandemic that a group of Democratic Senators asked the president to include recurring payments and plan the economy in the long term. In a number of countries, including America itself, really need maximum support, especially for various people who are experiencing difficulties in the economic field. Where they must be able to maximize their income to meet their daily lives, especially during a pandemic like today.

Organizations and aid agencies that exist in America itself will even support a number of funds aimed at improving transportation infrastructure and also various very affordable housing. Even today this crisis is still far from expectations. Families are entitled to very decent assistance to get maximum sufficiency.

The current pandemic period has made some people, especially workers in the tourism sector, experience a drastic decline. In addition, there are also many workers who must be forced to decide their jobs because there is no income that can be obtained. With this factor, of course, some parties, especially the heads of families, cannot meet their proper needs. Whether paying bills, paying some tuition fees, even for their daily meals, many people in America find it difficult.

With this obstacle, members and even organizational and government institutions in America began to propose many renewals of funds so that the economy in America could begin to recover. Even indirectly, the payments can also reach a number of communities and even families who will need assistance as quickly and precisely as possible.
These payments and direct financing are able to help many people who are unable to obtain eligibility for unemployment insurance. However, their working hours will be reduced or even leave their jobs when they have to take care of a number of family members during the pandemic.

This direct payment method is also considered to help to eradicate and reduce the few cases of poverty in America. In fact, this stimulus check has succeeded in lifting up to 6 million people from the constraints of poverty that has taken place since 2021. Some people and even the community certainly hope that this assistance can really help and help the many people who are affected by poverty, let alone the lack of fulfillment of their needs during the pandemic. .

How to Help People in Poverty and Homelessness with Daily Habits

How to Help People in Poverty and Homelessness with Daily Habits

Though the US is one of the most notable developed countries, poverty and homelessness is still a huge issue in it. However, these matters are not for the government to handle alone – citizens can also help people in need by doing several simple steps:

Use Public Transportations
Public transportations are cheap, convenient, and ecologically friendly compared to individual vehicles. But using them doesn’t just benefit us, it also benefits the poor. After all, public transportations like busses are their only means to move around (besides walking). Unfortunately, the government may discontinue them if not many people use them, so using public transportation helps especially if you are living in a rural area.

Pick Local Businesses Instead of Chains
Local businesses, especially small ones, are usually run by people who need money (at least more than chain stores.) By using their services, you are improving the local economic situations, especially when it is done by daily basis. Plus, if the business became successful, it will grow and create more job opportunities, especially for the poor.

Donate Some Time or Money
The most direct habit we can do to improve the lives of those in poverty and homelessness is by donating, after all. If donating on one go is difficult, try to save little changes in a jar and donate them when the jar is full to sites like Gospel Rescue Missions or specific organizations like Department of Veteran Affairs.

If money is an issue, then volunteering will be a great alternative. Organizations like Feeding America has weekend volunteer programs, perfect for those who are not up for a long commitment.
We may be lucky not to live in poverty and homelessness, but that doesn’t mean we can do nothing about them. Both poverty and homelessness are national issues that should be borne by every citizen in the US. Let’s help the poor, even in the simplest ways!

Contributing to the Poverty Issue by Joining the Charity Organization in the USA

Contributing to the Poverty Issue by Joining the Charity Organization in the USA

Nowadays, there are many people who still live in poverty in the United States of America. You may find a lot of people are homeless, starving, and quitting from the schools. In order to support the poor people about their primary needs, home, health, education, and income, there are some charity organizations in the USA. The organizations have different focuses from one to each other. However, they also can cooperate to provide the best programs for helping poor people. If you want to contribute to help in the poverty issue, you can join one of the charity organizations.

If you want to join the charity organization that focuses on the health of the poor people, you can join the Americares Foundation. This foundation is focusing on supporting the health of the people who suffer poverty, disaster, or any kind of serious problem. The foundation will support medicine, health programs and medical supplies. This foundation has experience about helping poor people for about more than 40 years. The Americares Foundation also has some cooperation with other organizations, local and international organizations, to serve the emergency programs, clinical and medical services. The people can contribute to help the poor people by donating to this foundation. The medical staff also can contribute as the volunteer. Another charity organization in the health field is the Direct Relief Organization. It has been active in 50 states and 80 countries. The purpose of this organization is to help the poor people who suffer poverty for increasing their health quality and support the poor people during the emergency time. Since it is a charity organization, it has nothing to do with politics, races, ethnicities, or religious issues. Their purpose is simply to contribute to the humanity. The Direct Relief Organization has some programs such as treating the maternal and child health, serving the emergency case, and improving the health of poor people in the high-risk population.

You can also join the Lutheran Services in America. It is one of the biggest organization which serve health care in the country. Lutheran Services provides various service care to poor people. In addition, this organization also reach poor people from any area of the country. It doesn’t matter whether the poor people live in an urban or rural area, the volunteer of LSA will serve the poor people. This organization also reach people from any groups such as homeless, disability people, veteran, children, refugees, poor families, and others.

The Charity Organization for the Poor People in the USA
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The Charity Organization for the Poor People in the USA

The Charity Organizatio for the Poor People in the USA – If you live or come to the USA, you may find some poor people who are homeless and have nothing to eat in some places. Well, the problem with poor people is a serious issue in the United States of America. In order to help poor people, there are several charity organizations that have a purpose to help and create better conditions for poor people. Those charity organizations have several different programs. Some of them are focusing on funding for the education of poor people. Meanwhile, some of them are focusing on fulfilling the primary needs of poor people. There is an organization who is focusing on the food supply for the poor people. However, all of them have some purpose to help poor people.

One of the charity organization that helps the homeless poor people is Family Promise. This charity organization has several programs for homeless people. Their programs can be divided into three main groups that are prevention, shelter, and organization. The prevention programs are including shelter diversion, rental assistance, and transportation. The shelter diversion will keep the family out of the shelter. Meanwhile, the rental assistance will help the poor people for renting a house. In this program, the Family Promise organization gets the help of HUMI. Meanwhile, the transportation programs will help the family to get gas cards, bus passes, and car donations so that they can go to their school or work. The shelter programs are including hospitality, case management, and community management. In these programs, the Family Promise will help the poor people to live in a temporary house and get engage with the community. Meanwhile, the stabilization programs are including housing, financial capability, and career pathway. Therefore, they are preparing the homeless people to be able to live independently.

The Charity Organization for the Poor People

Another charity organization is This charity organization is focusing on the distribution of food for poor people. The organization provides the program namely Emergency Food Assistance. This program will allow the poor people who are hungry can get their food for free. They just need to go to the food pantries that have cooperated with the The food pantries are located in some places such as Alabama, Alaska, California, Kansas, Kentucky, and other places. In addition, people also can contribute to charity activity by donating some foods in the official food pantry.

The Charity Organization, One Step for Helping the Poor People in the USA
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The Charity Organization, One Step for Helping the Poor People in the USA

The Charity Organization, One Step for Helping the Poor People in the USA – As you probably know that poverty in the USA is a serious problem. There are a lot of people who suffer from poverty. Some of them are even homeless and not able to buy food. Therefore, in order to help the poor people, the charity organization is built. There is some charity organizations in the United States of America. Each of the organizations has its own focus. Well, some of them are concerned about the education of poor children. Meanwhile, some of them are concerned about finding a place for homeless people. Whatever the focus is, the charity organization has a purpose to help the poor people. If you have any interest to contribute to the charity organization, you can join them as the volunteer or donate some money, foods, or goods to the organization.

One of the charity organizations which is focusing on supporting the education of the poor people is I Have A Dream Foundation or IHDF. This foundation is focusing to support the children for getting a higher education. As a result, they can reach their dream. This foundation will support the education of the children until college and prepare them with the skill so that they can be independent people. The IHDF has several programs for the children from the poor families such as financial literacy and resources, career readiness, academic success, support networks, social and emotional life skills, health and wellness, and civic engagement. Those programs are supported by the IHDF components that include long-term, individualized, community focus, need-based, inclusive, mentorship, family engagement, and guaranteed tuition for the college students. If you want to contribute to this foundation, you can join by becoming a volunteer. There are several available positions of this foundation such as tutoring, mentoring, interning, fundraising, public relation, providing administrative service, technology, and your specialty. You can send your CV to them and do some selection process.

Another charity organization is United Way. This organization also focuses on education. In addition, they also focus on the income and health of poor people. The United Way is an organization with a long history. It has contributed to the poor people for about 125 years. This organization will help the children for poor families with financial support for their studies. They also give support to the poor people who are sick. In addition, to prepare independent people, they conduct some skill pieces of training so that people can get a job and live in a better way.

Three Causes of Poverty In USA
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Three Causes of Poverty In USA

Three Causes of Poverty In USA – What are the causes of poverty? Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that the poor people are just too lazy to find a job to support their lives. If jobs are the mere cause, then poverty should not be around or at least appeared in much lower percentage than today. What are other factors that cause poverty?

– Population Growth
There has been close relation between certain area and the rate of poverty and unemployment. In USA, such area also exists. Most of these cities are urban area. Based on statistic data in 2017, the population grows approximately 140 million since 1960 to 2017. Back in 1960s, the population in USA reached 180 million. In 2017, it explodes to 325 millions.
Unfortunately, the job vacancy from industrial sectors rapidly decreases in the late 1960. As the result, there are too many workers available with less and less job to offer. Especially in urban areas where population grows the most, poverty level is the highest. To make the matter worse, poverty is almost always followed by violence.

– Intelligence Level
Survival skill has a close link to intelligence level. In short, the smarter someone, the higher chance for him to stay out of poverty, or even losing a bet in an online betting game. To check this fact, one could refer to the intelligence test result in USA schools since 1900s until now. Despite of popular remark about biased test result, people still get the general picture of intelligent range.

Looking at the statistic result, there is a bell curve design. It could be seen that the “normal average” for USA standard is 85 to 115. Those who have IQ under 85 are suspected for having less skill needed to survive. If you convert the scale into number, there are approximately 50 million people in “under 85” category.

– Physical Limitation
Another barrier in education and job access is physical and mental limitation. Data from Department of Commerce and US Census Bureau shows that 10% of Americans suffer from certain level of disability. Some examples are back injuries, hearing impairment, mental disability, and many more.

For them, education and stable job are the luxury they cannot have. Thus, they rely on other family members and sometimes donation to survive the day.

When a discussion about poverty arises, people have different reaction about it. Some might say that the poverty caused by minimum job vacancies. To tell the truth, poverty is caused by deeper and longer roots such as population growth, intelligence level and many more.

Is Poverty Getting Worse In USA?
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Is Poverty Getting Worse In USA?

Is Poverty Getting Worse In USA? Not long ago, USA government declares that their war against poverty is over. They claim that overall population live in better condition and nowhere near poverty line. While this statement being said, many parties raise their eyebrows. Data shows the exact opposite of those lines.
– High Debt
Among the poor, there is a group of 10% world poorest. Approximately 30 million Americans belong to this category. Many of them are trapped in never ending debt. These people have less than enough to cover their monthly rent, health insurance, and education fee. In short, they don’t have any way out other than borrowing money.

Since 2008, the number of debts rises 50% from the previous years, which is almost as rapid as the number growth of online gambling players. With this being said, the estimation of American families who have higher debt and low saving reached its peak number. This number is even higher than crisis year of 1962. This report is collected from various sources who lend money for lower income families.

– Stagnant Income
Some people try to calculate the amount of money needed for living an average life in USA. The estimation equals to $60.000 per year which can’t be covered. All these moneys could come from two adults with decent salary, at least $15 per hour. How many percent of total USA population belong to safe zone? They occupy 60% portion of the chart.

What is the main factor for this income case? It is probably the stagnant income from companies. Years ago, when the salary is $10, the total spending is also $10. Nowadays, people still get $10 while their groceries cost $13. Also, the rest 40% of population barely hang there and could only pay their bills after borrowing money.

– False Counting Measurement
Probably government only refer to paper report from related surveys on poverty. Unfortunately, they fail to spot several deceptions on the survey results. The definition of “being employed” should be having constant monthly payment and average eight working hours.

Sadly, those who have part-time job belong to “employed” category. The survey fails to get details such as the salary and the working hours. Believe it or not, many people work for more than 12 hours a day. They get paid $13 or less per hour.

To say that poverty has ended in USA is not easy. There are plenty of factors to consider, and of course, data must show similar pointers as well. When many independent sources reveal tons of counter data, then the project is not finished yet.

Help Your Family with One Family Scholars Program
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Help Your Family with One Family Scholars Program

In poverty and homelessness, it’s hard to just rely on food stamps and part-time jobs. After all, the circumstances may not be ideal for them to provide your family financially. As the head of the family, there are ways to ease the financial burden of your family through scholarships such as One Family Scholars.

1. What’s One Family Scholars Program?
One Family Scholars is a scholarship program that helps individuals from poverty and homelessness to gain higher education based in Massachusetts. It is limited to Massachusetts and single parents with incomes lower than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

2. How Do They Help?
It is a scholarship program, so One Family Scholars help one family at a time by giving out scholarships. They open education opportunities in hope that better education will build a bridge for better job opportunities. Then, with those job opportunities, the person will be able to get high-paying jobs, enough to sustain their family’s wellbeing. There will also coach involving five aspects, such as college success, career success, personal finance, leadership development, and life skills.

Read More : Help Needy Families in America through Bridge of Hope

3. How Can We Register for The Program?
Firstly, you should meet the requirements:
-You must be a single parent with dependent children below the age of 18.
-Your income must be 200% below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
-You must be a permanent citizen of Massachusetts and US or Resident Alien.
-You must be entering or returning student in a university in Massachusetts approved by One Family Scholars

4. Lastly, you must have a definite plan to use your future degree in order to gain a family-sustaining job
If you meet these requirements, you can fill an online form in along with several documents when the registration period is open.
Though the impact is not instant, education is important to create better career opportunities. That way, children of poor families can free their family members from the tuition. Hopefully, with a degree earned, you will be able to land on a family-sustaining job.

Help Needy Families in America through Bridge of Hope
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Help Needy Families in America through Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is the network of Christian churches as well as volunteers all over America that work to fight against homelessness especially within the single mothers. The people who need help will be assisted by one case manager and also six up to ten Christian volunteers within the neighborhood. The volunteers will become their families who provide encouragement and emotional supports. The case manager will provide the money management training and also find the housing.

– Organization Overview
The Christian faith communities have great chance and role in overcoming the crisis of homelessness in America nowadays. This organization as the network of the Christian churches and Christian volunteers have tried to train and equip the local Christian communities such as house churches, Bible study groups and so on to give their assistance to the homelessness in tangible, practical, and also neighboring ways.

This neighborhood supports offered by this organization consists of three-way cooperation among the following parties:

– Families Who Face Homelessness
The main focus of this organization is on women and their children who face the homelessness. The family along with the volunteers and the case manager support each other to reach the goals of achieving sustainable and safe housing, creating resilient and strong families, and also building supportive relationships with the neighboring volunteers.

– The Neighboring Volunteers
The volunteers of this organization are mainly from the Christian faith community like small group, Bible study, church, and many more who want to help their neighbors in needs. From these volunteers, six up to ten people will be assigned to the families in needs in their community. These volunteers will firstly receive a training from the organization. In general, the volunteers need to do a life along with the homeless families and provide emotional and tangible support as well as encouragement since they are engaged with their life and faith.

– The Case Manager
This case manager is also often called as the neighborhood resource specialist. This manager is a professional social worker who helps the homeless families through offering the intensive training, case management and support. The support includes the finding of the immediate housing, giving a training on the money management, and also providing the rental supports. This manager also equips and encourages both neighboring volunteers and homeless families to build supportive and healthy relationships.

Of course, with the cooperation among these three elements, the goal of the organization can be achieved. If you want to become the volunteers of Bridge of Hope, you can visit official website and register yourself.

Habitat for Humanity for Needy Families
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Habitat for Humanity for Needy Families

Based on the data that was collected in 2007, it is revealed that for about 12.5 percent of Americans live in poverty. Due to this situation, lots of organizations have been founded in America to help people in needs. In general, most organizations have operated within a national level. One of the organizations for needy families is Habitat for Humanity.

About the Organization
This organization was firstly founded in 1976 and the aim of this organization is to provide affordable and decent housing for the people in needs. Soon after its firstly founded, this organization has been able to help more than 1.5 million people. It is a global nonprofit housing organization that work in local communities in 70 countries and 50 states in America. Habitat homeowners help people to build their houses with the volunteers and also pay the affordable mortgage.

It is true that everyday lots of families have struggled with the need to have decent roof for their lives. Most of them have been caught in the unpredictable increases of house rents, overcrowded situations, or even the limited access to affordable financing and land. Of course, these problems may create fear, stress and also uncertainty.

Little Help
Habitat knows well that decent, safe and also affordable housing becomes the main factor in helping the needy families in America to start their new life cycles with progress and possibilities. The outcomes of this help can be life changing and also long lasting. Habitat homeowners are able to reach their self reliance and strength back to create better lives for their families and themselves. They have been empowered to overcome the struggles in their families.

There have been some studies on the relation between housing quality and the children well being. From the surveys, it is revealed that Habitat homeowners have shown significant improvements on the financial conditions, better school grades, as well as the confidence of parents that they are able to meet their family needs. It is proven that stable and strong homes are able to help building the stable and strong communities. It is true that decent shelter can offer such solid foundation for the families. Each Habitat house has been able to change lives.

This is why Habitat for Humanity has its goal to help needy families with stable and strong shelters for their better lives. Since it is an international organization, it also offers volunteer opportunities through all over the world.

Life Transformation of the Homeless Families through Family Promise

Life Transformation of the Homeless Families through Family Promise

It is undeniable that in the United States, one of six children are exposed to poverty. It means that when being added by families with children who live in poverty, there is for about 35% of them who suffer from the homelessness. There are various organizations in America which fight against poverty and one of them is Family Promise.

The beginning of this organization started when Karen Olson was passing the homeless women during her way to a business meeting. She was then giving this homeless women a sandwich. While accepting the sandwich, the homeless women also asked Karen to hear her story. From the interaction, Karen found out that the homelessness could bring the deep feelings of the self-worth loss and also disconnection from the community. Soon after that, Karen and her sons started to deliver lunches to the homeless people in New York.

When Karen found out that the homelessness had also created several families in her community, she needed to do something about it. She then gathered the homeless people and also people who wanted to give help. They were able to provide housing, meals and shelter for the homeless people through the present community resources. The volunteers were also providing help through their skills, compassion and knowledge so that the homeless neighbors were able to find job, reconnect with their society and also to restore their self dignities. Then, the network had spread nationally.

In 2003, this organization decided to change their name into the existing name nowadays as they want to give promise to the homeless people for better life. This name also offers the promise, inherent and also potential in each family life.

The mission of this organization is to help the homeless people and less fortunate families to reach the sustainable independence throughout the response from the community. It is true that poverty can be a complex issue. It can’t be solved just with a simple solution. This problem needs such integrated approach to reach out more than just the immediate needs.

This organization has coordinated the local communities together to provide help to the homeless families so that they can regain their independence, their housing and also their dignity, Americans are considered to be such compassionate people. Lots of people are willing to help their neighbors if they know how to do so. Therefore, this organization gather all people together. They offer the framework to turn the compassion into real action.

Family Promise is the non profit organization that helps homeless people and less fortunate families in America. You can visit their homepage and donate if you want.

I Have A Dream Foundation for Less Fortunate Children
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I Have A Dream Foundation for Less Fortunate Children

Have you ever heard about I Have A Dream foundation? This foundation has worked to help the children from low income family financially, emotionally and also academically for long term period. This foundation reaches children who are no later than three years old and works with them daily. They offer helps to these children to enter college and prepare them for their careers and also to assist them in achieving a civically and healthy engaged life.

Works of the Foundation
As mentioned previously, this foundation gives their main focus on the children of less fortunate family and works with them all the ways so that they can ensure these children have the chance to engage in higher education, accomplish their potential, and also to achieve their own dreams. This foundation empowers the children to graduate their education from college by providing them the sufficient knowledge and will also bring positive impact to their families and their next generations. The volunteers of this foundation tend to work with the children after the school hours, during the weekends and skills to be successful in their post-secondary schools as well as funding their tuition to get rid of the financial barriers.

By helping these children to get their access to the college, the foundation has put them on totally different life and academic situation which d also during the summer for more than 10 years and creates long-term relationships with the children and also their families. This foundation offers sociol-emotional and academic supports to the children, equips them with life skills and confidence that are needed to achieve their dreams.

Mission and Vision
The mission of this foundation is to empower the less fortunate children to be successful in their school, college as well as their careers through social, emotional, and academic supports starting from the elementary school level up to the college level along with the assistance on the post-secondary tuition.

The dream or vision of the foundation is to create a new world where all children have equal access to the education and also career opportunities that will be able to light their innate potentials. This foundation also provides the support networks for the children so that when they reach college, they can get the support for their future careers by having social access to the resources like potential employers or mentors.

These are all about I Have A Dream Foundation in the United States that has the dream to help less fortunate children pursuing their dreams through better education and career opportunities.

How Selective Career Let Us Help People in Need
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How Selective Career Let Us Help People in Need

Career path is indeed something that should be thought seriously. However, you may want to think about it more seriously, especially since some career path can create impacts for people, especially those in need.
• Social and Community Service Field
Many social and community service organizations need a permanent worker. Though this type of organization is more popular in hiring volunteers, there are jobs that must be done by permanent workers, such as managing and making budgets.

Social and community service organizations are usually non-profit and help people according to certain demographics. For example, there are child and family services like CFSNH. Career opportunities they offer based on the day to day operations are manager and staffs.

• Entrepreneur
If you don’t like to work under an organization, then creating your own business may be a better choice. After all, being an entrepreneur means you have the liberty to set your own pace and turns of the businesses. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to open job opportunities for those in poverty and homelessness, directly impacting and leading them to a better economic situation.

If that’s not enough, it’s also possible to enlist your business to regular donations to organizations such as Feeding America or GlobalGiving. That way, the money earned by the business will also go to other people in need. In fact, if you are a regular donator, you may be able to affiliate your business to the organization, making it an official supporter.

These career choices may not be the first things that popped into your mind, but they certainly are worth the thought. By doing them, not only you can feed yourself and your family, but you can also help those living in poverty and homelessness. If they take too much commitment, however, there’s nothing wrong in volunteering to test the waters first.

Marine Corps Toys for Tots – Toys for Less Fortunate Children
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Marine Corps Toys for Tots – Toys for Less Fortunate Children

Often times, when there is a public holiday like Christmas, it brings needy families to their hardest conditions. If you are not able to provide better clothes and feed your family, getting a toy under the Christmas tree can’t be your priority. Fortunately, Marine Corps Reserve in the United States has set their charity program called Toys for Tots to help the children of the needy families getting their Christmas presents.

This charity program was firstly founded in 1991 by the US Marine Corps. It is an IRS foundation for the non profit charity. This organization is also being managed by a board of directors where all of them are the veteran Marines and also the successful businessmen across the nation. The headquarter of this organization is located in the Cooper Center, precisely outside the main gate of Marine Corps Base in Quantico. It is for about 35 miles from Washington DC.

Goals of Marine Corps Reserve
The main goal of this organization is to help the less fortunate children by giving free new toy gift to lighten up their Christmas and also to send the hope to all less fortunate children in America. In general, the mission of this organization is to collect the new unwrapped toys from the community and then distribute them to the needy families’ children at Christmas.

The mission of this organization is to help the US Marine Corps in offering the sign of hope to less fortunate children during Christmas holiday. This help includes raising the funds to provide local toys, offering leadership program about this organization, defraying the costs of executing annual campaigns, and so on. This organization has united the local communities members for three months every year during the annual collection of toys and also to distribute them.

There are two kinds of services offered by this organization, that is collection and toy distribution and also supports of local coordinators. In the collection and toy distribution, it is the process of getting and delivering toys to the local coordinators and provide supports and assistance to collect and distribute toys to the communities. In the supports of local coordinators, it involves the arrangement of creation, manufacture, publication, and also delivery of various support and promotional materials to the local coordinators of the program.

These are what you need to know about Toys for Tots program founded by the US Marine Corps. You can participate in this program by giving out the new unwrapped toys to help the less fortunate children in America to celebrate their Christmas.

How to Find Help – Family Homelessness
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How to Find Help – Family Homelessness

Homelessness is a dire issue in the US – more than 500.000 people are homeless in 2016, and the number is growing each year. Along with the increasing number of poverty, US citizens have more risk to poverty as time moves. If your family became homeless, here are ways to get help:
• Call Homelessness Hotline
Many homeless people are clueless about their own survival. There are numerous cases of homeless people wandering around and sleep in abandoned spots, which is not the best move for survival. In such cases, it’s best to reach homeless hotlines. States and cities of US usually have their own hotline. However, if you don’t know about them, calling 211 will help and redirect you to those local services.

• Find The Nearest Shelter
The next thing we should do is find shelter. After all, staying in public areas are not safe, especially during night time with your family. So, it’s best to get to any reachable shelter. You can ask 211 for local shelters. If organizations like The Salvation Army or Feeding America operates near you, they may offer shelters as well. After that, there will be several qualifications before your family can get a bed in the shelter.

• Look for Homeless Transitional Programs
Being homeless doesn’t mean that your family will stick with it. However, moving on from it is hard, especially if you don’t have a job. If that’s the case, you can either look for a job immediately or look for programs such as Doe Fund’s and Chrysalis to help you find a career and family-sufficiency.

Facing homeless as a person is difficult, but it’s even harder to face it along with your family. However, being homeless is not the end of all things. There are organizations that are willing to help your family to rebound.